Fosun Foundation

Since its founding, the Fosun Group has adhered to a set of guiding principles: cultivation, orderliness, professional attainment, and global welfare. Through these principles, the group aims to fulfill its corporate social responsibilities, and it is dedicated to serving society, serving the people, and serving the country.

The Fosun Foundation was established in November 2012 as the main humanitarian arm of the Fosun Group. The Fosun Foundation’s interests include natural disaster relief, poverty alleviation, aid to the disabled, cultural development, public education, youth entrepreneurship, and other social causes. In recent years, the Fosun Foundation has donated over 45 million RMB to support more than 40 social initiatives, primarily in the arts and education sectors.

Using the unique platform of Fosun Fondation (Shanghai), the Fosun Foundation has established an international Fosun nexus for art and culture, one that can engender Chinese and Western cultural exchange. Cultural exchange has thus become Fosun’s calling card in its overseas operations.

In 2015, the Fosun Foundation expanded its charitable activities abroad. Fosun has since organized music festivals, entrepreneurial competitions, and other events in New York, Lisbon, Berlin, and many other cities. These programs transmit Fosun’s values across the globe, improving the image of Chinese corporations while opening up foreign markets.